Real estate search activity continues to rise

Property Value

Did you know that search activity for property is currently much higher than this time last year? 

While many people believe that the property market is slumping, figures from the REA Group indicate otherwise. 

The company that owns has said that property searches currently sit 38% higher than the same time last year, and are 56% higher than the low experienced in mid-March. 

Rental property searches are 18% higher than this time last year and 55% higher than mid-March. 

If you have been holding off selling or leasing your property, it’s time to re-think your plan. 

These findings show that not only is the real estate market active, but it is thriving! 

We can help you sell or lease your property in a timely and efficient manner, achieving a top price. 

Or perhaps you are not interested in selling or leasing, but are interested in knowing your property value. If you haven’t had a valuation in the last two years, there’s a good chance it has risen substantially. 

Contact us for a free property valuation. There is no obligation to move forward with a sale or lease; we are delighted to provide this free service to our community.  

I would not hesitate in recommending Brett for selling or buying a home. Brett is an excellent communicator, has strong local market knowledge and has a great photographer.


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