Desperately seeking rentals

Kingscliff Casuarina rentals

Kingscliff and Casuarina rentals – we want you! Our database of quality prospective tenants has outgrown our available properties. We need more homes of all sizes and values to lease in Salt Village, Casuarina, Cabarita Beach and the wider Kingscliff…

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How did Kingscliff become Kingscliff?

kingscliff creek mouth

All the locals know that Kingscliff is ‘Heaven on Earth’. But how many of us know the history of this gorgeous beachside village we call home? The name Kingscliff has been known by several names. It was first named Sutherland…

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We have had excellent service and communication with our property manager who always seems to go the extra mile in ensuring that both landlord and tenant are satisfied and the property is in good order.


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