How we find, and keep, the best tenants

We understand that finding the right tenant for your home is vital – for your investment security, your peace of mind, and for our community.

That’s why our Property Management team spends considerable time on our tried and tested processes to ensure you are getting the best possible tenant for your key asset.

What makes a good tenant? It is a combination of many things. A good tenant looks after your property like it’s their own, they pay their rent on time, they are good communicators, and they don’t let maintenance slide, among other things.

Our processes for finding and managing a quality tenant have been refined over our 15 years in the real estate industry and are our secret weapon for delivering exceptional tenants, and service, to you!


Step one: Background checks

We thoroughly screen every applicant, via:

● TICA Database (national delinquent tenant database).

● Employment and salary checks.

● Previous rental references.

● Personal interviews.


Step two: Managing your tenant

Once a quality tenant is selected, we protect your investment by:

● Completing a detailed condition report prior to your tenant moving in. The report details the condition of the property, including any damage, and all items contained within. We will send you a copy of the report, along with photos to provide the full picture. The property is measured against the condition report at the end of the lease to ensure it has been left in its original condition.

● Ensuring the bond is collected and lodged with the Bond Board.

● Conducting routine inspections, firstly at eight weeks, then every 26 weeks. You will receive the full reports, images and a phone call from the Property Manager so you know exactly what is happening with your investment. We will also take care of any maintenance issues at this time.


Step three: Lease renewal, exit or replacement

When the lease is nearing its end, we will enter into negotiations with both you and your tenant:

● We will conduct an appraisal on your property and discuss with you whether the rent should remain stable or be increased.

● Your tenant will be invited to extend their lease at the new (or same) rate.

● A new tenancy agreement is issued.

● If you and the tenant are not in agreement and the tenant decides to move out, we will advertise for a new tenant at least four weeks prior to the end of the tenancy, to minimise the chances of an empty property.


We are dedicated to professionally managing your property and building strong, personal relationships. We take pride in finding great tenants, and maximising yields for our landlords.

Please contact us today if you have any questions or would like a property appraised for lease.

We have had excellent service and communication with our property manager who always seems to go the extra mile in ensuring that both landlord and tenant are satisfied and the property is in good order.


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